Ever heard about design thinking?

Design thinking is an approach that is used to solve user problems by carrying out various intensive research about the problem, that is getting to the root of the problem. Knowing where the problem started from initially.

A good example is the cleaners that maintain the Washington monument, they noticed that the chemicals they were using to clean the bird poop from the monument were deteriorating the monument materials. So research was conducted and the researcher made use of the design thinking method. He realized that what attracted the birds were the spiders that were found around the monument and pigeons love eating spiders, he further did more research and he found out the reason why the spiders were in such a busy place is because of the moth that was present there and spiders also love eating moth, and he further his research to know what attracted the moth to the monument and he realized that it was the light that was turned on around the monument at night that attracted the moths. Using design thinking approach he was able to get to the root of the problem and was able to solve the problem. So he concluded that by turning off the lights, the moths will stop coming around the monument which will reduce the spiders that were present and also reduce the birds coming to the monument also. After testing this conclusion, the results they got were impressive as the bed poop around the monument was reduced and the cleaners had less work to do in maintaining the monument which also reduced the cost of maintaining the monument by a great percentage.

Design thinking can be applied anywhere depending on the content of the problem.

So how do you start design thinking?
- Asking questions is a great start to using the design thinking approach.
- Design thinking is a repeatable process.
- Design thinking is about asking questions to get to the root causes.
- Reveal any biases that could get in the way of a solution.

It’s also useful for developers, UI UX designers or product designers when building a product or project.

I hope you’ve learnt one or two things about the design thinking approach and how to apply it to solve user problems, and business issues and conduct your research. Share your feedback in the comment section about what you’ve learnt. Peace ✌️



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